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     Life After Law Enforcement

Why We Only Work With Law Enforcement Officers


LEOs are different than most people. You make a choice to be of service. This comes at a cost to your family and the way you see the world. Sheepdog respects, supports, and understands you, because we are LEO family too. Sheepdog is founded by a police family: a retired police sergeant, and a media relations executive and journalist. Because of this we are subject matter experts in translating your experience, expertise, and integrity into the resume documents and career counsel you need to transition into the public/private sector.

How We Work Together

Perhaps you're retiring from your department or agency and you want a next career in the corporate world, public world, or non-profit sector - how do you best present your experience and expertise to potential employers? You have a partner in Sheepdog. Here's how we work together.

First, you reach out, and we set up a time to talk. 
We discuss the ideas you have for your future, what you want to do, the type of jobs that interest you. We talk about the next step life you want to build for yourself and your family. What drives you? What are your passions? We talk about your work now, and all your accomplishments.

Then, we review the options that best fit your needs. 
We discuss all things important to your job search, this will determine which option is right for you. For example, you know you need a new or updated resume, but you will also need several versions depending on what type of jobs you're looking for. You need cover letters. Is a LinkedIn Profile important? Why are keywords important on a resume? What makes you stand out from everyone else? And about your job search, do you know where to look? How do you prepare for interviews? There's a lot for you to consider.

  What's Included & Cost
    Sheepdog is unique in that we are not a one-and-done deal. We are your partner.

To be seen by an HR recruiter or get past online application robot scans you must use the right keywords in your resume, and your resume should be written specifically for the position you are applying for. This means having only one version of your resume will not benefit you in your job search. This is what we do differently: we write one base resume then revise it with the right keywords to fit each position you apply for. No extra cost, no time limit. Same for cover letters. We work with you until you land the position you want. 
Service One   $500.
- Interview you, collect and review your documents, training records, history, etc. 
- Write Base Resume.
- Revise Base Resume for each job application. Unlimited no-cost revisions. No time limit.
- Write Cover Letters when needed. Unlimited no-cost revisions and no time limit.
- Write or Update LinkedIn Profile.

Service Two   $1250.
- Includes Service One, plus:
- Assist you in your job search: search online job boards, companies, associations, etc.
- Interview preparation, assist in creating interview portfolio, company research, etc.
        About Sheepdog

Sheepdog is founded by an LEO family: Kristina Kolerich and Kim Triplett-Kolerich. Together they are a strong and influential team that understands the culture, language, heart, and integrity of law enforcement officers.


Kim recently retired from the Washington State Patrol after a 26 year career as a Sergeant, Detective, and Trooper. Currently, Kim is a Senior Financial Fraud Investigator with the Attorney General's Office. She is a subject matter expert on fraud, identity theft, and emergency management. Kim is also the founder of IntegrityBlue through which she  gives presentations about financial crimes to law enforcement agencies, companies, and community groups across the country. She also meets with LEOs to talk about life after law enforcement and how LEOs can prepare to transition into the public/private sector.

Kristina is a veteran media relations executive and the founder of AdlerBrinkley, a well established 
communications agency that leads reputation management for companies, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and non-profits. She is a former network news journalist, and a widely published business and feature writer. She is a contributing writer to Law Officer Magazine. Kristina meets one-on-one with LEOs to help develop their next-step plan, write all resume documents, and assist with application submissions and interview preparation.


                                                   Sheepdog always supports the Thin Blue Line.

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decide the best option for your needs, sign a services agreement, and begin.



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