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we can begin to set the course for your life after law enforcement.
What's Your Life After
Law Enforcement?

Sheepdog is LEO Family

LEOs are different than most people. Your service comes at a cost to your family and the way you see the world. Sheepdog respects, supports, and understands you because we are a LE family too. Sheepdog is founded by a police family: a retired police sergeant, and a media relations executive and journalist. Because of this we are subject matter experts in translating your experience,

expertise, and integrity into the resume documents and career counsel you need to transition into the corporate world or public sector.


Resume Services

 Your experience is highly valued and in demand in the corporate world.

Perhaps you're retiring, or you want to leave your agency, how do you best present your experience and expertise to potential employers in the private or public world? Well, it starts with keywords.

Your resume needs to translate your experience and expertise from police language into business language using keywords. To be seen by an HR recruiter or get past online application robot scans you must use the right keywords in your resume, and your resume should be written specifically for the position you are applying for. This means having only one version of your resume will not benefit you in your job search. This is how Sheepdog is unique: we write one base resume and then revise it with the right keywords to fit each position you apply for. There's no extra cost for different versions, and it's unlimited for three months.

Service One:   $500. 

  • Three month engagement.

  • Interview you, collect and review your documents, training records, history, etc. 

  • Write Base Resume.

  • Revise Base Resume if needed for every application.

  • Write cover letters if needed for every application.

  • Write or update LinkedIn Profile.

Service Two:   $950.

  • Includes Service One, plus:

  • Assist you in your job search: advise where to search online, companies, and associations. 

  • Interview preparation, advise and assist in creating interview portfolio, company research, etc. 

  • Reputation Management including scrubbing social media accounts to present professionally.


Who We Work With

Our clients are from state, federal, county and city agencies from around the country.
Here's a small example.


 We appreciate the kind words.

“Sheepdog exceeded my expectations on every level. Their first-hand experience as a police family sets them apart from every other resume service company. Sheepdog speaks our language, and this was a great benefit in my job search.”

B.H., Seattle Police Department


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