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Sheepdog Resume develops custom resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for law enforcement officers
who want to transition to the private sector, promote, or move to another agency.

We are honored to work with more than 2,500
LEOs over 12 years including Officers | Chiefs
and Command Staff | Corrections | Dispatchers Analysts | Military | Federal Agents | Intelligence 

Latest News

Watch our Cop to Corporate Interview

We are excited to sponsor and participate in many 2023 law enforcement conferences and look forward
to meeting attendees, here are just some upcoming:
  • FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA)
  • California Police Chiefs
  • IACP
  • Western States Hostage Negotiators Training Conf.
  • National Assoc. of Women Law Enforcement Executives 
  • Arizona Homicide Investigators Conference
  • Nebraska Women's Police Assoc. & IAWP 

To Us, it's Personal

Sheepdog respects, supports, and understands LEOs
because we are an LEO family.

Sheepdog is unparalleled in our personal investment in law enforcement and professional expertise in writing and branding. Co-founder Kim Triplett-Kolerich has 30+ years in law enforcement as a Senior Financial Crimes Investigator, Sergeant, and State Trooper, with significant experience in CISM and Peer Support. Co-founder Kristina Kolerich has 30+ years in journalism, network news, and corporate communications including executive and corporate reputation management, and media relations.

Our combined expertise and experience makes Sheepdog the premier resume services company in the country for LEOs and all first responders. Together we are subject matter experts in translating your experience and skill set into the business language needed for you to compete in the job market. 

about us

   Resume Services

Your resume needs to be more than your career history.
It needs to show, not tell.

Your resume is not written for you. Your resume is written for hiring managers. It should not simply be a list of your jobs and dates. It needs to be a narrative that shows, rather than tells, how your skills, experience, and expertise bring value to the company or agency you want to work for.


We regularly talk with hiring managers and recruiters who tell us what they want in a resume. We know how to translate your language and job duties into actionable expertise and achievements that show the value and contributions you bring to an employer.

Sheepdog has two tiers of service to meet different needs. For Tier One we write one resume, one general cover letter, and either create or update your LinkedIn. Clients who choose this tier need a resume for a promotion opportunity, or are applying to one specific job.


Tier Two is an unlimited number of resume revisions and cover letter revisions. We write and edit your resume and cover letter with the right keywords and tone to fit each position you apply to. There's no limit to the number of revised versions. Clients who choose this want to apply to many positions, or don't have an exact plan for their next step. 

Sheepdog offers a low fee because LEOs are not CEOs.

Tier One:   $500. ​

  • Interview you, talk about your career and future (no extra fee for "consulting"!)

  • One Resume and One General Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile

Tier Two:   $950.

  • Interview you, talk about your career and future (no extra fee for "consulting"!)

  • Unlimited resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn revisions

  • Tailored resume and cover letter for each job you apply to - no limit, and no end date


Who We Work With

We have worked with more than 2,500 LEOs in city, county, state, and federal agencies from around the country and Canada, in addition to military members. Here's a small example:



We celebrate our clients' successes and appreciate the kind words.

“NO question. This is the real deal. Sheepdog is exactly what we need to bridge from fed service to the private sector. 100% trustworthy and professional." 
                                                                                           J.T.R., FBI

Contact Us

We respond to email inquiries within 24 hours. If you don't receive an email back from us please check your junk file. We appreciate you reaching out and look forward to connecting.

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